Cloud Coaster – The “COVID Compliant” Roller Coaster

Posted on November 9th, 2020 • Filed under Amusement Parks

Cloud Coaster – The “COVID Compliant” Roller Coaster

Posted on November 9th, 2020 • Filed under Amusement Parks

Pictured Above: Guest in single rider seat on Vinpearl Land’s Cloud Coaster.

Athens, TX (November, 2020)

Pictured Above: Areal view of Cloud Coaster roller coaster at Vinpearl Land’s park.

Sometimes great products become greater during unusual times. Sure, the Cloud Coaster may not be the top contender on high speeds or incredible thrills like you would expect on an expensive, larger scaled roller coaster.  It may not even compete on capacities reaching over 500 an hour.  However, the Cloud Coaster has some incredible features that many other roller coasters don’t, physical distancing while having fun.

Pictured Above: Cloud Coaster lifting rider above the bamboo forest.

The Cloud Coaster truly is “COVID Compliant,”  safely distancing park goers with its single rider seats.  Extreme Engineering’s suspended roller coaster already checks the box on COVID safety concerns with parks.  With physical distancing during operation, easy clean up and incredibly cost effective options, the Cloud Coaster is the perfect solution for amusement parks both large and small.  Capacity concerns can easily be resolved with more ride vehicles and block zones, allowing cycle times upwards in the 200+ per hour.  With indoor and outdoor options, including attaching into an existing structure, opportunities for the Cloud Coaster become possible at almost every park.

Pictured Above:  Small child riding Cloud Coaster roller coaster.

“Many buzz words for 2020 have been ‘the new norm,’ ‘nimble,’ and ‘socially distancing.’  Our buzz word has been breakdowns can create breakthroughs,” states Phil Wilson, Executive Vice President with Extreme Engineering.  With three industry awards, inducted into the rollercoaster index and ranked top attraction by USA 10, the Cloud Coaster certainly has high notoriety.  With theme parks now strategizing their 2021 reopening plans, the Cloud Coaster is a perfect addition in providing safe, family fun.  This suspended roller coaster has been a breakthrough attraction for many reasons. It is affordable, scalable and fully customizable.

Pictured Above:  Entry gate to Cloud Coaster roller coaster.

Extreme Engineering’s Cloud Coaster can be used as a dark ride attraction, people mover to even a smooth glider around exhibits.  “Depending the application needs of our clients, the Cloud Coaster can adapt to the park experience, type of attraction and budget,” says Wilson.  Several dark ride companies have partnered with Extreme Engineering, utilizing the single rider seats for a low cost, suspended dark ride.  There are some new and exciting configurations that will debut in 2021.  Extreme Engineering will be showcasing a ride vehicle configuration shortly.

Pictured Above:  Excited rider being raised on the Cloud Coaster roller coaster.

As parks across the globe try to navigate and tread the COVID waters, Extreme Engineering’s Cloud Coaster provides a compass towards a safe, fun and family friendly experience for all ages.  The latest Cloud Coaster project to keep a lookout for is in Qatar at a theme park.  This Cloud Coaster project is slated to open by the beginning of 2021.

About Extreme Engineering

With over 25 years in experience, Extreme Engineering has been globally recognized as the primary supplier in family coasters, engineering design and adventure rides.  With thrill rides such as the Cloud Coaster roller coaster, High-Action Adventure parks and Fly Wire ziplines, Extreme Engineering now holds 15 industry awards, with its recent Award from IAAPA’s first Virtual Expo.

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