Vietnam to get the first Cloud Coaster in Asia at Vinpearl Land Phu Quoc.

Posted on January 24th, 2020 • Filed under Roller Coasters

Vietnam to get the first Cloud Coaster in Asia at Vinpearl Land Phu Quoc.

Posted on January 24th, 2020 • Filed under Roller Coasters

 Vietnam to get the first Cloud Coaster in Asia at Vinpearl Land Phu Quoc.

Family suspended coaster, by Extreme Engineering, currently in installation.


 Pictured: Photo of Extreme Engineering’s installation at Vinpearl Land and the debut of the coaster cart.

Athens, TX (January, 2020) – Extreme Engineering’s exciting Cloud Coaster project, at Vinpearl Land in Phu Quoc, Vietnam is currently being installed and ready for commissioning in first quarter of 2020.  The unveiling of the Cloud Coaster’s ride Vehicle (photos above) during IAAPA Expo 2019 in Orlando gave the audience a sneak peak of the vivid colors and simplistic theming for Vinpearl’s latest family coaster. The family-friendly suspended roller coaster was quickly inducted into the Roller Coaster Database,, joining other suppliers across the globe.  Extreme Engineering’s Cloud Coaster is classified as a suspended coaster on Roller Coaster Database’s website,

Pictured:  Top down photo of Cloud Coaster being installed at Vinpearl Land.

Vinpearl’s Cloud Coaster project will include a jungle theme around the track, giving riders a bird-flying experience above the park.  This will be Extreme Engineering’s largest outdoor Cloud Coaster project in Asia with a track length around 400 linear feet (122 meters). The family coaster is purposely designed to be a glider experience, giving kids a fun, smooth experience above the grounds with views of iconic landmarks within the park. With careful consideration, the coaster had to include custom finishes, and paint coatings, to adhere to the aggressive weather in southeast Asia.

Pictured:  Photo of theming around Cloud Coaster track at Vinpearl Land.

“We were able to find a way to fit the coaster in a very tight space, minimizing the impact on required real estate from the park, states Phil Wilson, Executive Vice President with Extreme Engineering. Custom cart theming utilizing vivid colors with optional steel laser-cut dragons, give the Cloud Coaster a local and custom traditional feel.  The coaster’s bright green columns were also designed to architecturally fit within the park’s themed environment.  “The Cloud Coaster was designed to allow post install anchoring, eliminating heavy duty construction costs that you would typically experience on other attractions,” states Wilson.

Pictured:  Photo of crane lowering lift portion of Cloud Coaster track.

As the Cloud Coaster comes to completion on its installation, the attraction begins to shine and take shape within the exciting new Vinpearl Land theme park.  The harmonization of the queuing gates, theming and coaster track begin to transform from a construction site into an exciting family-friendly ride, ready to take flight. “It’s starting to become more of a reality when we can see track and coaster carts being installed.  It is so amazing how close it looks to the rendering,” states Wilson.  Vinpearl Land will be the first massive theme park to open in Vietnam in 2020.

Extreme Engineering will also be completing its next Cloud Coaster project in the middle east later in 2020.  Please make sure to visit Extreme Engineering’s all new website to see the latest engineering design projects, Cloud Coasters and the latest adventure rides.

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