Extreme Engineering Helped Build The San Diego Symphony

Posted on January 8th, 2021 • Filed under Engineering Design

Extreme Engineering Helped Build The San Diego Symphony

Posted on January 8th, 2021 • Filed under Engineering Design

Pictured Above: San Diego’s Symphony.

Athens, TX (January, 2021)

Pictured Above: Areal view of San Diego’s steel structure of the new symphony.

When Extreme Engineering isn’t building roller coasters and attractions, they are building iconic structures across the globe.  Extreme Engineering’s engineering design and fabrication division was honored to be a part of the San Diego Symphony’s project.  This state of the art symphony is located in the Port of San Diego, California.  Extreme Engineering was subcontracted, helping with the engineering and fabrication of the symphony’s large steel structure.

Pictured Above: Extreme Engineering’s fabrication team building structural steel columns.

Extreme Engineering provided part of the steel support structures, holding up the beautiful arching domes.  The team at Extreme Engineering also value engineered the steel beams to support high wind loads experienced in the harbor, including providing special coatings to prevent corrosion.  Overall aesthetics were enhance, from the original design, with precision laser cut tension mounts to support the hanging canvas.

Pictured Above: Steel structure being erected.

The original design of the mounts would be visible and exposed to the general public.  Extreme Engineering’s team felt it was important that this top-notch symphony would not be compromised, redesigning the mounts to exceed the overall look and feel of the structure’s modern design.  The engineering team also ensured the design still maintained the structural integrity and wind load requirements.

Pictured Above:  completed structural columns prior to being painted.

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