Cloud Coaster Dark Ride

Extreme Engineering’s Cloud Coaster is the perfect ride vehicle for a suspended dark ride.  Our team is currently providing the ride system to the premier theme park production experts, The Producers Group, for their new “Dark Rider” attraction.  Our family coaster is the best platform to transform into a low-cost dark ride solution.

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Our version of the funicular utilizes a track system that requires low power requirements. The track system can also be designed to adjust the speed and experience of the funicular. Our cart system can be fully themed, include onboard solar charging and other features you would expect on high-end funicular attractions. We also designed our version of the funicular safer, offering multiple redundancies through the track, braking devices and cart. Today we have pending projects in Asia.

Jungle Tower Zipline

This concept is a themed tree house for kids and adults alike!  Reach the top and exit a thrilling zipline.

Parkour Track

Immerse yourself into a parkour experience like no other! The Parkour Track utilizes our Cloud Coaster’s roller coaster track and trolley technology, backed up with our patented Belay in the Box Auto-belay, to assist participants through each element. This concept is designed to allow all participants at any age, or any ability, test their strength and courage through one of the most popular activities today. The safety restraint system takes pressure off the participant, making it easier to overcome challenging obstacles, including jumping long distances that wouldn’t humanly be possible!

Extreme Adventure Tower

Originally debuted at IAAPA in 2014, the Extreme Adventure Tower was designed to offer various adventure attractions, utilizing all of our award winning rides, on a single tower platform. Each level of the tower would offer various “extreme” activities such as rock climbing, ziplining, free falling, air jumpers, a roller coaster and more.

Chimney Wall

The Chimney wall supports climbers on our patented Auto-belay and allows them to shimmy to the top of the tower with their legs and arms.  The sides of the chimney are soft, making it safe and comfortable on the participant’s body.  The chimney can include multiple routes for speed competition or to increase capacity needs.  Theming possibilities are limitless.  Scale through an old mine shaft, China Town, or even an abandoned industry site.

Hero Park

Hero Park is an exciting concept that combines parkour, bouldering and ninja courses in one! This harnessless attraction allows participants, of fall ages, to balance on rotating pipes, jump across small platforms, scale a climbing wall, swing across ropes to lunging onto a punching bag. The Hero Park can be customized, and scaled, to fit your desired challenge and space.

Interactive Observation Tower

Our interactive observation tower allows participants of all ages to get a birds eye view of the surroundings below. The innovative lift system safely secures riders on the outside of a tower, which then raises them to the top for a breathtaking view. Participants can also exit at the top of the tower where optional attractions can be experienced.

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