Cloud Coaster - Gen 1

Cloud Coaster - Gen 1

Case Study:

Zava Zone is a multi-attraction indoor adventure park with activities such as trampolines, rope courses, zip lines and ninja warrior elements.  The company’s lineup has been exciting but corporate felt there was still something missing.  Their executive team reached out to Extreme Engineering with interest in the popular Cloud Coaster.  Zava Zone expressed to our design team that they didn’t have a ton of space, a large capital investment nor time for a complete renovation of an existing location.  With careful consideration, Extreme Engineering did an extensive site review, including market analysis on their audience, to come up with a very modular coaster system, that was also self supporting, not needing any post installation.  The Cloud Coaster was not only designed to be modular, but semi-portable with self supporting columns.  This design also included a method of raising the coaster’s track with electric motors.

Extreme Engineering understood that a huge market segment for Zava Zone were the ages between 4 and 13, giving a clear road map on a fun packed, cost effective coaster design.  With budget and size in mind, Extreme Engineering had to overcome these two big challenges by providing a very short track within a price point that could be affordable and easy to install.  Our design team not only exceeded expectations, but gave a coaster design that became the most popular attraction at Zava Zone’s park.  Don’t be fooled by the lack of size, this ride pulls out all the stops with sharp drops, sudden turns, drops and stops.  Although the ride is short, it is surely an attraction people get in line, again and again, to experience.

Zava Zone was given Extreme Engineering’s generation 1 Cloud Coaster.  The Generation 1 Cloud Coaster utilized the initial design features of a soft style seat, trolley and track system.  The roller coaster track was repurposed, from the 2015 IAAPA display model, which used to first debut the Cloud Coaster concept.  Repurposing the display model saved Zava Zone on both no installation and track costs.

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