Cloud Coaster - Gen 2

Cloud Coaster - Gen 2

Case Study:

The luxury entertainment oasis on the gulf of the Mississippi, Margaritaville Biloxi Resort, desired the most supreme, untapped entertainment attraction to complement their one of a kind tropical destination created for all ages to enjoy, giving adults a heart racing adventure and welcoming kids on an exhilarating journey. To get adrenaline pumping, a custom lift system raises riders slowly, simulating the traditional anxious feeling at the start of a large roller coaster, then blasting off and giving riders the sensation of flying and rocketing up and down.

Design and functionality were keys to success in this endeavor, and the Cloud Coaster delivers. To keep the attraction streamlined, we designed the resort’s Cloud Coaster to start and stop in the same place allowing for a single operator, while capitalizing on the existing interior structure of the building to minimize the need for additional support beams, making Cloud Coaster feel like it’s floating in the sky.

Margaritaville opted in for our soft seat design, as they wanted the attraction to feel and look like seat hammocks you would see at a beach resort.  This configuration fit perfectly with their “Cheese Burger In Paradise,” lifestyle.  Kick back a cold LandShark or Margarita while you watch riders of all ages soar above the attractions below.  This version is generation 2 of the Cloud Coaster, utilizing an upgraded track, trolley and lift hill system.


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