Warrior Wall

  • Geowall’s traversing models are perfect for kids, requiring no safety gear when in operation.
  • Toss the climbing harness and ropes aside, just go for it!
  • We can co-create the perfect GeoWall to fit within a unique floor plan.
  • Aesthetically pleasing climbing structures that won’t break the bank with endless color options and configurations.

Product Details

  • Choose your challenge, choose your route.  Design the most epic climbing utilizing geometric shapes in any desired colors with various custom obstacles.
  • Each Warrior Wall can be scalable and customized to tailor your unique brand and/or climbable experience.
  • Engineered, designed and built in the United States. All Extreme Engineering Warrior Walls meet or exceed ASTM, CE or other climbing wall standards. We offer the safest climbing experience on the market.
  • All Extreme Engineering Warrior Walls come equipped with Extreme Engineering’s patented Auto-belay systems, the only fully redundant system on the market, which makes our product the safest climbing device available. Our Auto-belay has been awarded “Best Technology Applied” to an amusement device at IAAPA.
  • Climbing holds and additional equipment necessary for operation come standard.
  • Designed by engineers with aeronautical backgrounds, all of Extreme Engineering’s Warrior Walls use only the best materials available in the production process, and are built to be extremely strong and lightweight.
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