Mitchell has always loved the themed entertainment industry and has stopped at nothing to pursue opportunity in the industry. Being raised on Cedar Point and Kings Island as a former Ohioan, it seemed bound to happen.  As soon as he could drive, he applied for a ride operator position at the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium. He enjoyed his experience as an operator and made many friends, however, as a future Mechanical Engineer, he wanted a deeper understanding of how the rides worked. This prompted him to apply for a position in the Ride Maintenance department. He got the job and eventually worked in Ride Maintenance at the Columbus Zoo, Kings Island, and Cedar Point over 3 seasons.

Mitchell graduated from the University of Cincinnati with a bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering and a minor in Robotics and Automation. He had a variety of co-op experiences including serving as an Engineering Teaching Assistant in Chongqing, China, working in the Biomedical field, and an engineering co-op in the themed entertainment industry.  Additionally, he helped found TEA@UC (Themed Entertainment Association at the University of Cincinnati), an organization that helped connect himself and dozens of other students to industry professionals, competitions, and other networking opportunities.

When he is not working to design the future of themed entertainment, you can find Mitchell in a variety of places.  The most common place to find Mitchell would be in a theme park.  Having been on over 200 rollercoasters throughout the world, he will seldom pass up an opportunity to explore new parks and learn more about them.  In the winter you can find him on the ski slopes as often as he can.  Mitchell enjoys blasting through black diamond trails and dodging trees through the glades.  He also loves playing tennis, traveling, and going to industry events to meet the people who make this awesome industry run.  Lastly, he loves spending time with his younger sister Jordan, who loves the industry almost as much as he does and has been his ride partner for over 20 years!