Stephanie Merkley started with Extreme Engineering in the Fall of 2022 as project coordinator. Stephanie spends her time at Extreme ensuring the schedule, budget and details of any custom or legacy project are well organized, communicating and collaborating with all departments to keep everyone involved updated about any changes to the project plan. Stephanie brings a positive, go-getter attitude to any situation, always focusing on the possible solutions to any hurdle that arises. She may be loud or direct but she always has a smile and good intentions (she has one of THOSE voices; you can pick her voice out from a crowded stadium).

Stephanie brings a fresh perspective from her varied experience in the construction industry, nursing, and 15 years as a business owner, working from home while homeschooling her four children. Her passion for learning and hard work inspires her children to independently go after knowledge and experiences in life in the aspiration of finding their path in life. Stephanie spends her time away from work with her family, usually working on their ranch or helping others work cows and horses, finding adventures, learning about other cultures through immersion, or challenging herself physically at the gym, softball field, or other fitness/sports event.