Extreme Engineering Announces New Attractions At IAAPA Expo

Posted on October 25th, 2022 • Filed under Amusement Parks

Extreme Engineering Announces New Attractions At IAAPA Expo

Posted on October 25th, 2022 • Filed under Amusement Parks

Pictured Above:  All-new Parkour Around™, the world’s first Parkour attraction that allows participants to conquer elements that normally wouldn’t be humanly possible.

New Extreme Engineering ride, product and coaster locations call for extra celebration.

Press Announcement at Extreme Engineering’s Booth (2600)  – Tuesday, Nov 15th at 3:25PM – 3:50PM.

 Oct 25th, 2022 (Athens, Texas) – Extreme Engineering, the global supplier in family-friendly coasters, adventure rides and engineering design is excited to debut the all-new Parkour Around™ attraction, a new technology with shade structures called “Flex Shade™” and 4 new Cloud Coaster locations opening in 2023. A live press conference will be held at Extreme Engineering’s booth (booth number 2600) on Tuesday, November 15th, at 3:25PM.  This year’s IAAPA Expo trade show, in Orlando Florida, will be during November 15th through the 18th.

“We are very excited for this year’s IAAPA Expo in Orlando, Florida.  Our team is thrilled to unveil 3 new roller coaster locations, with 1 additional location to be fully disclosed early of next year.  Best of all we have two new products that we will debut on the show floor, the Parkour Around™ and Flex Shade™ system,” states Phil Wilson, Chief Financial Officer with Extreme Engineering.


Pictured Above (left to right):  Wilderness at the Smokies, Sports Wenatchee and Richland Chambers.

Extreme Engineering’s roller coaster locations will be located throughout the United States.  Wilderness at the Smokies will have a suspended Cloud Coaster inside their new, expanded adventure park.  The Cloud Coaster will have a track length of 397 linear feet and soar guests throughout the facility and into different areas of the park.  Sports Wenatchee, in the state of Washington, will also have an indoor suspended coaster which will fly guests over and around a ropes course, various attractions and a food and beverage area.

This coaster will be just over 300 linear feet.  Richland Chambers, located in Texas, will be Extreme Engineering’s largest outdoor roller coaster project.  This coaster will scale at a towering height of over 60 feet tall with over 820 linear feet of track, including two lift hill sections in the ride.  The last location will be fully disclosed in early 2023.  This project is located at an indoor waterpark.

Pictured Above:  All-new Parkour Around™.

The Parkour Around™ will allow participants of all ages, and any ability, to experience running through exciting elements all while being attached to a patent pending assist device.  The assist device will allow participants to jump at great lengths, tall heights, and run at fast speeds.  “This device transforms riders into a video game action hero.  The possibilities with theming, IP and experience are endless,” states Wilson.  Extreme Engineering will be releasing official pricing and accepting pre-orders for 2023 deliveries.  “We will be ready to take pre-orders at IAAPA and get early adopters into the latest attraction by Extreme Engineering for 2023.”


Pictured Above:  Flex Shade™ system.

The all-new Flex Shade™ system, designed by Extreme Engineering, will also make its debut at IAAPA Expo. Flex Shade is a patent pending system that utilizes Extreme Engineering’s patented flex rod technology.  The flex rods provide all the load tension, minimizing traditional, cumbersome hardware needed to tighten sail shades.  Extreme’s Flex Shade doesn’t require large concrete pilings for installation, eliminating the costly infrastructure requirements commonly used with other shade solutions.

“Flex Shade has been a product in the making for almost 10 years.  After a decade of research and testing, including installations across the world, we are incredibly excited to bring this product to market.  Flex Shade will change the shade structure industry,” says Wilson.  The Flex Shade is currently available in both triangle and square shapes, including other custom shapes and sizes.  Over 6 standard colors, including screen printing options are available.

“We have some pretty amazing technology which will be applied to the shade system, such as programable media to really cool custom theming.  What I love the most about the Flex Shade product is that its designed to provide little to no impact during install.” The Flex Shade system minimizes the necessary structure needed for shade. This design prevents from blocking any existing scenic, surrounding beauty or themed facades at a theme park or resort.

Extreme Engineering will be displaying all of their latest attractions, products and engineering design services at the IAAPA Expo.

About Extreme Engineering

With over 27 years in experience, Extreme Engineering has been globally recognized as the primary supplier in family coasters, engineering design and adventure rides.  With thrill rides such as the Cloud Coaster Storm™, Surfin Tsunami™, Sky Tag™ and Parkour Around™, Extreme Engineering now holds 16 industry awards, with its last IAAPA award on the Surfin Tsuami™, the world’s only suspended surfboard roller coaster.

For more information, or a press kit with media approved images, please email: phil@extremeengineering.com

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