Cloud Coaster

The three-time, award winning family roller coaster.

Cloud Coaster

The three-time, award winning family roller coaster.

Winner Of Best Major Attraction At IAAPA.

Let us introduce you to the best family-friendly roller coaster on the market, the Cloud Coaster. This suspended roller coaster received three awards at IAAPA, with recently being awarded “Best Major Attraction.” The Cloud Coaster was also voted as top 10 attraction by U.S.A Today and top most anticipated coasters to open by Coaster101! Experience fast, controlled and safe speeds that give you the sensation of flying and rocketing down a roller coaster with smooth turns, uphill racing and launching around structures. The Cloud Coaster is the future in family-friendly coasters.  U.S. Patent 10,835,834 and international patents pending.

Soar Up Hills & Tight Corners With Minimal G-forces.

Designed by the amusement ride experts at Extreme Engineering, the Cloud Coaster also holds the esteemed title of requiring low power, low maintenance and ease of operations, making this suspended roller coaster affordable to almost all amusement markets.  The Cloud Coaster’s exclusive cart functions allow riders to be pulled up a track on motors to soar up hills, or steep terrain, along the steel coaster track for a truly unique ride.  This streamlined approach ensures riders experience minimal G-forces, making the ride smooth, exhilarating and available to almost all ages.  It truly gives the sensation of flight, gliding seamlessly through the air!  No other system allows for this type of ride, period.

Innovation Comes Standard, Co-Create Your Perfect Coaster.

The Cloud Coaster features patented, high-load capacity magnetic brakes on every Cloud Coaster cart’s trolley.  No power, no friction or brake pads are required to slow down the ride vehicle.  The coaster cart has a built-in and adjustable sway control system, creating the banking on the Cloud Coaster’s ride vehicle, not the track.  An electronic safety release lap bar is equipped on every seat, comfortably allowing up to 250 pounds in rider weight per ride vehicle.  If you are in need of a high-capacity solution the all-new Cloud Coaster Storm offers side by side vehicles.

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Wilderness Cloud Coaster

Now open for 2024, is the latest Cloud Coaster installation for Wilderness at the Smokies. Wilderness at the Smokies is the largest waterpark resort and family entertainment center located in the Smoky Mountains, welcoming over 11 million visitors a year. The latest Cloud Coaster installation is the first of its kind, soaring guests through multiple rooms and above various attractions.

Doha Oasis Cloud Coaster

The Cloud Coaster for Doha Oasis’ park, Quest, is now open. This is the very first Cloud Coaster in Qatar and the largest indoor project in the world. Over 600 liner feet (over 200 meters) of floating roller coaster track launches guests above the amusement park below.

Vinpearl Land Vietnam Cloud Coaster

Located at the iconic theme park Vinpearl Land in Vietnam.  This is one of Extreme Engineering’s modular outdoor Cloud Coaster projects in Asia with a track length around 400 linear feet (122 meters).

Mega Parc Cloud Coaster

Mega Parc, is the largest indoor amusement park in Quebec and second largest in the nation. Oxford Property group relied upon Extreme Engineering to design a family friendly glider next to their existing Mack roller coaster. Our engineering team worked on the idea of making the Cloud Coaster soar through a spokeless Ferris Wheel.

Cloud Coaster – Gen 2

Margaritaville Biloxi Resort desired the most supreme, entertainment attraction to complement their one of a kind tropical destination created for all ages to enjoy. To get adrenaline pumping, a custom lift system raises riders slowly, simulating the traditional anxious feeling at the start of a large roller coaster, then blasting off and giving riders the sensation of flying.

Cloud Coaster – Gen 2

Trampoline center Rockin Jump craved taking their customer’s adventures to new heights. They had a desire to offer a unique, interactive experience that connected cus­tomers to their current brand while maximizing limited, usable vertical space at their flag­ship location in Dublin, California. A small Cloud Coaster with a mighty punch was in­vented to fit the tight constraints of the Rockin Jump facility.

Cloud Coaster – Gen 1

Zava Zone is a multi-attraction indoor adventure park with activities such as trampolines, rope courses, zip lines and ninja warrior elements.  The company’s lineup has been exciting but corporate felt there was still something missing.  Their executive team reached out to Extreme Engineering with interest in the popular Cloud Coaster.