Cloud Coaster Middle East

Case Study:

The Middle East Cloud Coaster will open in 2020 in Qatar. This will be the very first Cloud Coaster in this region and the largest indoor project in the world.  Over 600 liner feet (over 200 meters) of floating roller coaster track will launch guests above the amusement park below. The Cloud Coaster will include a raised platform for queuing and is designed to install within the building’s infrastructure, eliminating the need for roller coaster columns. This coaster project will also include iconic IP from a popular cartoon character found throughout the Middle East.  Extreme Engineering partnered with an industry leading master planning company on the project and are excited about being part of one of the largest indoor theme parks in the world.  The Cloud Coaster utilizes a Class 3 ride vehicle, is ADA friendly and can take rides as short at 40″ tall.

Download the Specs