Mobile GeoWall

Celebrating over 28 years with the original, patented mobile climbing wall. The all-new Mobile GeoWall provides a modern twist to climbing. Customize your color scheme and provide a vibrant, exciting climbing experience.

Mobile 3 or 4 Climber

Since our invention of the patented mobile climbing walls, we have been rocking the world since 1995. Our company’s very first invention, and most popular product, gave our company the foundation to lead the industry with adventure on the go for over 29 years.

Mobile 5 Climber

The Mobile Monolith 5 person climbing wall is the king of mobile climbing walls. This configuration has over 500 square feet of climbing area, multiple overhangs, five distinct climbing routes and accommodates over 100 participants an hour.

Mobile 5 Climber Everest

The Mobile Everest Climbing Wall is for those who must have the tallest. This mobile wall towers at a height of 35 feet (10.7 meters) and is the largest mobile climbing wall in the world.

Mobile Zipline

Enhance your entertainment offerings with the award winning Mobile Fly Wire Zipline, providing thrill seekers the ultimate rush of zip-lining across the sky up to 300 feet.

Mobile Extreme Air Jumper

Become your inner pilot on the Mobile Extreme Air Jumper. Set up in just minutes and soar up to 25 feet. Jump up to 4 people at the same time! Compete with your friends or challenge yourself at new heights.