Fly like a superhero.


Fly like a superhero.

The Industry Award Winning Zipline.

The Fly Wire zipline has gained traction and notoriety as the “Best Major Theme Park Ride” – one of the highest industry honors – for its brilliant design and savvy configuration.  A spiral staircase leads to a zipline tower which allows two riders at the same time on two lines. This zipline configuration is the safest and fastest in the world.

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Zipline At Towering Heights!

Zipline at a towering height of 31 feet on the standard Fly Wire models (custom configurations also available).  Soar over waterparks, through tropical resorts, serene waterscapes, clear football fields or zip over amusement parks.  The Fly Wire Zipline is designed specifically for clients in need of fast cycle times and a safe method of descent.

Patented Stopping Device.

The Fly Wire Zipline’s stopping device, the “Decelinator,” was awarded best technology for its brilliant design and savvy configuration.  The Decelinator is recognized as the safest decelerator on the market.  This proprietary device fully lowers zip liners safely to the ground with a hydraulically activated decelerator.  The stopping device communicates with the zipline’s tower, preventing the platform doors from opening, until the zipline cables are high in the air and safe to operate.  Zipliners will descend into a spring activated power pack, providing extra thrills by launching them backwards before safely lowering to the ground.

As Seen On The Travel Channel.

The Flywire Zipline was listed on the Travel Channel as a “must-do” attraction.  Grab customers attention with incredible fit and finish.  The colorful platform, precision components and engineered details make the Fly Wire the most enticing zipline on the market.

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Westgate River Ranch Zipline

Westgate River Ranch is nestled on 1,700 beautiful acres in Central Florida. This particular Westgate location provides glamping and fun adventure to all ages on a “Dude Ranch” setting. They hired Extreme Engineering to provide a western theme adventure park.

De Palm Island Resort Zipline

De Palm Island Resorts, located in Aruba, offers an all-inclusive experience where guests pay one entry price to experience everything from a world-class waterpark, food, beverages and thrill rides. The resort wanted to offer the one and only zipline experience on the island of Aruba.

Calypso Cay Resort Zipline

Calypso Cay Resort, in Orlando Florida, used Extreme Engineering’s award winning zipline at the Caribbean themed adventure park, Castaway Cove.