Calypso Cay Resort Zipline

Calypso Cay Resort Zipline

Case Study:

Calypso Cay Resort, in Orlando Florida, was in desperate need of more amenities, other than a basic pool and mini golf. Their guests were consistently going offsite for entertainment and not spending time, or additional revenue, at Calypso Cay’s beautiful setting. The resort recognized the success Extreme Engineering’s adventure parks have provided other destinations and reached out to our design team for help. After several site visits from our engineering and design team, Extreme Engineering realized that Calypso Cay’s guests needed an ultimate stay and play experience.

Extreme Engineering provided Calypso cay with the a zipline, including other portable attractions of their award winning adventure rides. This saved the resort thousands of dollars from installation costs and allowed them to easily store away each piece of equipment during hurricanes, which are very common during certain times of the year. With the savings from installation costs, Extreme Engineering was able to invest more into the theming of the park. Our team worked closely with Calypso Cay, custom painting each adventure ride in bright, vibrant colors to give a tropical and fun ambiance in the park. Additional landscaping with palm trees, tropical plants and beautiful flowers created a “lush jungle oasis.”

Calypso Cay now offers unparalleled value-added amenities that guests can conveniently enjoy without having to travel outside of the resort for adventure. Vacationers can glide down a 300 foot zipline, soar up to 25 feet on a jumper, challenge themselves on a custom ropes course and launch water balloons in an ultimate battle for hours of fun, family friendly entertainment.


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