Extreme Engineering Celebrates New Attractions & Shade Systems At This Year’s IAAPA

Posted on October 25th, 2023 • Filed under Adventure Products

Extreme Engineering Celebrates New Attractions & Shade Systems At This Year’s IAAPA

Posted on October 25th, 2023 • Filed under Adventure Products

Extreme Engineering Will Showcase All-new Ollie-Loop Attraction, Suspended Coasters and Shade Systems at IAAPA Expo Orlando 2023

Oct 23, 2023 (Athens, Texas) – Extreme Engineering, the global supplier in family-friendly coasters, adventure rides and engineering design invites attending media to its press announcement at booth 2659 on Wednesday, Nov 15 at 10:55 a.m.

In addition to revealing new products, the Extreme Engineering team will also meet with members of the media for one-on-one interviews that day.

Sneak Peek of the News:

The Ollie-Loop


Pictured Above:  The Ollie-Loop

The all-new Ollie-Loop attraction is a family-friendly thrill ride, inspired by the world of skateboarding, as it spins and launches guests high in the air.  This thrilling attraction safely secures up to six riders for a memorable ride complete with unpredictable motions, sudden jumps, and circular motions.

“This is the most creative and exciting flat ride we have developed to date!  The Ollie-Loop is family-friendly and through its state-of-the-art technology, can be programmed to provide even more fun for thrill seekers,” stated Phil Wilson, Chief Development Officer, Extreme Engineering.

The Ollie-Loop provides a fully immersive experience with a wide range of motion, lights, and sounds.  Additional theming options are also available, allowing the Ollie-Loop to be branded with limitless possibilities.  “Part of what makes the Ollie-Loop attraction so unique is the minimum height requirement of just 40 inches, making it incredibly accessible to wide range of guests. The ride’s configuration also allows up to 500 riders per hour, allowing for shorter wait times and more opportunities to ride!” Wilson continued.

An Ollie-Loop display will be at Extreme Engineering’s booth.

Two New Suspended Roller Coaster Vehicles on Display


Pictured Above:  Cloud Coaster Storm (left) and Cloud Coaster Typhoon (right).

In addition to celebrating the debut of the Ollie-Loop, Extreme Engineering will be showcase its latest tandem suspended Cloud Coaster ride vehicles for the all-new Cloud Coaster Storm and Cloud Coaster Typhoon attractions.  “Both our Cloud Coaster Storm and Cloud Coaster Typhoon provides twice the capacity, twice the speed and twice the thrills,” Wilson stated.  The Cloud Coaster Storm is configured for riders to sit side by side, while the Cloud Coaster Typhoon configures riders to sit back-to-back. Each ride vehicle will provide vastly different and incredibly fun flying experiences on the Cloud Coaster.

Extreme Engineering features a new coaster track for both new coaster cars, allowing for faster speeds and an overall more exciting experience throughout the new track layouts.  Depending on the track’s design and layout, both the coasters can welcome up to 300 riders per hour.

Award winning FLX Shade on display at Extreme Engineering’s booth.


Pictured Above:  Denver Zoo with FLX Shade (left) Columbus Zoo with FLX Shade (right)

Debuted during IAAPA Expo 2022, the patent-pending FLX Shade was developed to provide a high-quality, cost-effective solution to help outdoor parks, attractions, and recreation areas offer shade from direct sunlight for their guests. Since its unveiling, parks and zoos around the United States have installed FLX Shades to improve their overall guest experience. Extreme Engineering’s design provides more shade with less structure imposition through the use of its patented flex pole technology. FLX Shade can be post installed without requiring large anchors or pilings during the process. With as little as five inches of concrete and only 2 ½ inch diameters poles, the FLX Shade can be installed above concrete surfaces and will not block sight lines of theming, facades, or area landscaping. The FLX Shade is also rated to withstand high wind loads and harsh weather.

“We were so excited to bring home a Brass Ring Award for best new product on the FLX Shade during IAAPA Expo 2022,” Wilson shared.  “FLX Shade earned Extreme Engineering its 18th industry award and we are happy to share it has been embraced at locations around the country.” FLX Shade will also be on display in Extreme Engineering’s IAAPA Expo booth.

Members of the media can schedule time to meet with Extreme Engineering to learn more about the above projects – and more – by emailing Phil Wilson.

About Extreme Engineering

With over 28 years of experience, Extreme Engineering has been globally recognized as the primary supplier in family coasters, engineering design and adventure rides.  With thrill rides such as the Cloud Coaster Storm™, Cloud Coaster Typhoon, Ollie-Loop, FLX Shade, Surfin’ Tsunami™, Sky Tag™ and Parkour Around™, Extreme Engineering now holds 18 industry awards.

Media Contact Information:

Email Phil Wilson to request a media kit and schedule a meeting during IAAPA Expo 2023.