Ramping up production of a new face shield.

Posted on April 30th, 2020 • Filed under Engineering Design

Ramping up production of a new face shield.

Posted on April 30th, 2020 • Filed under Engineering Design


Pictured: The new Extreme PPE Shield during packaging and after assembly.

Sacramento, CA and Athens, TX (April, 2020)

Extreme Engineering, an industry leader in engineering design, has decided to create a newer shield that can increase production capacity, lower volume costs and save on shipping. Many shields can safely lay flat in a single shipping box.  Each individual shield comes with a protective film, on both sides, to protect from scratches during shipment.  The new shield is made of a high-end polycarbonate material with a double backing elastic cord and cord lock, providing a “one-size-fits-all” application.  Extreme Engineering’s shields are anti-fog, optically correct and maintain their original shape.  Each shield can be rinsed and reused following the CDC guidelines. CLICK HERE TO ACCESS ORDER FORM.

Pictured:  Small child in firefighting costume wearing an Extreme PPE Shield.

These new protective shields, called “Extreme PPE Shield,” are now available to order through Extreme Engineering’s parts department (916.663.1560 x 221).  Due to the high demand, and positive response, Extreme Engineering had to tool up their manufacturing plant to build more shields quickly in volume and while also improving the quality and features.  The prices of the shields have also been lowered, due to lowering production costs.  “I love the new and improved shield, You can ship a large quantity in a single box, saving clients on shipping costs which usually adds more costs to other type of shield products out there.  Best of all they fit kids and adults,”  states Phil Wilson, Executive Vice President with Extreme Engineering.

Pictured:  Young boy wearing an Extreme PPE Shield.

Engineering will still be donating a percentage of the proceeds to UNICEF in helping fight COVID-19.

You can call Extreme Engineering’s parts department at 916-663-1560 x 221, or directly email the parts sales manager at marsha@extremeengineering.com, to place orders.  Please share this link with everyone who you feel needs PPE shields.  Extreme Engineering is focused on helping everyone during this time.

To schedule an interview with Extreme Engineering, please feel free to email phil@extremeengineering.com.

About Extreme Engineering

Extreme Engineering is an engineering design and fabrication firm, located in both California and Texas, that specializes in various markets such as aviation, amusement, military and safety.  For over 25 years, Extreme Engineering has been a leader in design and fabrication to clients across the globe ranging from Disney, Universal, NASA, National Guard and many others.  Extreme Engineering operates their fabrication firm outside of Dallas, Texas in a large, state of the art facility.  We take pride in inventing forward and solving today’s problems with quick, breakthrough solutions where innovation comes standard with every design.

For more information on Extreme Engineering’s Extreme PPE Shields Click Here.