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Summer Bay Adventure Park

Summer Bay Adventure Park

Case Study:

Summer Bay Resorts, in Orlando Florida, partnered with Extreme Engineering to turnkey their Adventure park project.  After a previous sinkhole disaster, destroying a good portion of their onsite timeshares, they wanted to provide something positive and fun back to their guests.  With Extreme Engineering’s design and engineering experience, our team worked closely with local inspectors to bring the site up to civil code.  Through months of soil testing, filling and excavating, Extreme Engineering was still on target to provide a family-friendly adventure park.  Our design team co-created a themed adventure park within an allocated budget of just $1.2 Million.  This price-point included 6 major attractions (4 award winning rides), site prep, engineering, project management, attraction design, installation, theming and ride approval.

The new adventure park’s main goal  was to  provide another opportunity to bring families together and enjoy a shared experience at the resort.  Extreme Engineering design process allowed both the resort client and Extreme Engineering’s expert team to create the perfect, themed adventure area for guests of all ages.  Extreme Engineering won an award from ARDA (American Resort Development Association) for Best Resort Amenity among 400 nominations.