Phil Wilson started Extreme Engineering with his father in 1995.  Since a young age, at 14 years old, Phil has been dedicated to his family business.  He has always had a passion in amusement industry, loving every minute at theme parks across the globe.  Phil served on the official amusement association’s Board of Directors with IAAPA (International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions), representing the manufacturers and suppliers around the world.  Phil was one of youngest in IAAPA history to represent the supplier community.  Today, Phil serves on various strategic committees to help serve and improve the amusement industry. He also has a mass marketing degree from Cal State University, graduating top of his class (Magna Cum Laude).  Phil also has earned his IAAPA certified attractions executive certificate (ICAE).

Phil also spends a lot of time volunteering to even starting a family business educational session that helps families work together.  Phil has successfully hosted the family business session every year during IAAPA Expo in Orlando.  He is quite the extrovert, making friends everywhere he goes, being the life of the party.  Phil loves everything he does and sprinkling positivity on those around him.  He loves his industry and the people in it.  When you meet Phil, chances are you will be strolling on scooters in China, crashing beer gardens in Vietnam wearing a lederhosen, exploring hidden rooftop bars with a spa or mingling at a nice restaurant with a view discussing life.  He truly cares about everyone he is with.  Phil is Extreme Engineering’s cheerleader and our best amplifier in the industry.

When Phil isn’t traveling the world, and building great relationships with other suppliers, he is spending time with his family or cycling to raise money to fight kids cancer.  Phil loves traveling, the outdoors, riding and designing family roller coasters, cooking, wine and a great IPA.  He loves spending time with his two boys and his lovely wife Meagan.