Coaster Project Complete for Doha Oasis in Qatar

Posted on March 1st, 2021 • Filed under Amusement Parks

Coaster Project Complete for Doha Oasis in Qatar

Posted on March 1st, 2021 • Filed under Amusement Parks

Pictured Above:  Cloud Coaster suspended above Quest’s them park below.

Extreme Engineering’s Cloud Coaster Is Ready For Operation At Quest Theme Park.

Athens, TX (March, 2021)


Pictured Above:  Rendering of Cloud Coaster for Quest and installation crew raising actual track for assembly.

Extreme Engineering is thrilled to announce its suspended roller coaster project is now complete for Quest, Doha Oasis in Qatar. The Cloud Coaster was finalized in February of 2021 for the stunning indoor theme park.” Quest is a story-driven concept which revolves around time.  The park is divided into three time-dimensions; the City of Imagination, themed as a wondrous and dreamy present-time cityscape; Oryxville, designed as an ancient land from the Arabian past; and Gravity, a step into a state-of-the-art bright and bold future, set in a sci-fi spaceport.  Quest is jam packed with world-class attractions, restaurants, and a themed retail store. Guests can experience the most immersive, indoor stay-to-play experience Qatar has to offer.  The park plans to open in 2nd quarter of 2021.


Pictured Above:  Fly With Flap entry ride sign and coaster queuing platform.

The Cloud Coaster, located in the park’s section, City of Imagination, has an overall track layout that will soar guests above various thrill rides and restaurants.  This attraction provides riders with a stunning view of Quest’s different worlds throughout the park.  Riders will enter the Cloud Coaster’s ride vehicle and take flight on the attraction titled, “Fly With Flap.”  Flap is a tropical bird and one of Quest’s main characters at the park. The suspended coaster’s flying experience will launch guests over 600 linear feet of track (200 meters) with sudden drops and swooping turns, providing the sensation of a bird in flight.

Pictured Above:  Ground view of Cloud Coaster high above the park.

Extreme Engineering partnered with Nassal, an industry leading master planning company, on the project.  “We were very excited to work with Nassal and help achieve Doha Oasis’ vision with the park.  The Cloud Coaster was an anchor attraction for the Quest theme park.  With Nassal, our team was able to co-create a one-of-a-kind family coaster experience.  Fly With Flap is a fantastic example of a story telling coaster,” states Phil Wilson, Executive Vice President with Extreme Engineering.  The Cloud Coaster comes fully equipped with a state of the art coaster track, ride vehicles and show control system, all meeting TUV standards.  The launch zone starts high off the ground, queuing riders onto the suspended coaster over 60 feet from the floor below.  The Cloud Coaster also utilizes Class 3 ride vehicles, which can take riders as short at 40″ tall.

About Extreme Engineering

With over 26 years in experience, Extreme Engineering has been globally recognized as the primary supplier in family coasters, engineering design and adventure rides.  With thrill rides such as the Cloud Coaster roller coaster, High-Action Adventure parks and Fly Wire ziplines, Extreme Engineering now holds 15 industry awards, with its recent Award from IAAPA’s first Virtual Expo.

For more information on Extreme Engineering’s Cloud Coaster™ at Doha Oasis: CLICK HERE